4 Minutes, 28 Days: A New Body!

This challenge has recently become very popular throughout the world. It’s aimed at improving the body shape. If you want to strengthen the middle section of the body, then this plank challenge is what you’ve been looking for.

One of the mistakes beginners do is that they often skip planks. However, this exercise is good for melting the belly fat, strengthening the inner and outer muscles of the back and upper part of the body and the buttock, hands, and legs.

Planks are very similar to push-ups, that is, the muscles contract similarly like when you’re doing push-ups. Namely, by doing planks, you actually strengthen the muscles from the inside.

The challenge is consisted of gradual increase of the time spent in doing planks for a period of 4 weeks. You need to begin with 20 seconds and the end goal is to plank for 4 minutes. Afterwards, your body will be prepared for new and more demanding workout challenges.

How to do it

Hold the upper part of the body straightened while you raise the elbows and toes. Hold the straight line with deep breaths, while tightening the abdominal muscles, the neck, and the head. For balance, divide the weight on the legs and elbows, by pushing up the gluteal muscles. During the 28 days, you need to gradually increase the time of holding the posture:

  • DAY 1-20 SECONDS
  • DAY 2-20 SECONDS
  • DAY 3- 30 SECONDS
  • DAY 4- 30 SECONDS
  • DAY 5-40 SECONDS
  • DAY 6-REST
  • DAY 7-45 SECONDS
  • DAY 8-45 SECONDS
  • DAY 9 60 SECONDS
  • DAY 10-60 SECONDS
  • DAY 11-60 SECONDS
  • DAY 12- 90 SECONDS
  • DAY 13- REST
  • DAY 14-90 SECONDS
  • DAY 15-90 SECONDS
  • DAY 16- 120 SECONDS
  • DAY 17-120 SECONDS
  • DAY 18-150 SECONDS
  • DAY 19- REST
  • DAY 20- 150 SECONDS
  • DAY 21-150 SECONDS
  • DAY 22-180 SECONDS
  • DAY 23-180 SECONDS
  • DAY 24- 210 SECONDS
  • DAY 25-REST
  • DAY 26-210 SECONDS
  • DAY 27-240 SECONDS
  • DAY 28- keep up as much as you can

At the beginning, you will see that planks are not easy at all. If you cannot adjust to them after two or three days, there are other types of challenges that you can try. Good luck!