5 Silent “Killers” That Destroy Our Body!

The word emotion comes from the Latin word “e-mot”. The emotions are reflected physically and mentally. The negative emotions such as: anger, frustration, stress or fear can have destructive effect on our physical and mental health. One survey showed that our emotional system sends signals to the body in order to know how to behave in a situation in which we are. The physiological sensations that we feel can be found in different parts of our body. For example, when we experience a feeling of shame, we feel warm on our cheeks and also our ears blush. Here are some of the things that negative emotions can do to our body:

Body Killer

1. Anger
This negative emotion is mostly active in the chest, the lower part of the face with special intensity in the hands. Angry feelings have negative effect on the liver. Anger weakens the lives. The disordered function of the liver is reflected in the worsening of the physical and emotional state. According to some scientists several methods exist in order to beat the anger, for example massages or yoga.

2. Grief
The sadness or the grief affects the lungs. If you notice to have hoarse voice, then you have low level of energy in your lungs which is a result of grief or sadness. These emotions can result with depression and a lot of crying, so that other mental problems can arise. The best “cure” for this type of emotion is the professional help, before the emotions damage the other parts of the body.

3. Fear
Fear affects kidney function. In many Chinese theories, the kidneys are the most important organs in the body, and they are the base of yin and yang, and qi. This negative emotion leads to anxiety. The anxiety, crying and anger should not be worrying, because for a person with fear it is important to express the feelings than to withdraw into himself/herself. To withdraw into oneself is a difficult alternative for handling.

4. Worry
When you are worried about something, you can feel stomach problems, you cannot sleep. It can also affect your lifestyle or appetite. If you cannot control the worries, then you can ruin your stomach and can obtain serious problems such as: intestinal issues, cancers or diarrhea. This type of negative emotion can be treated with some medications, therapies or at a pinch you should seek medical help.

5. Stress
The stress has harmful effect on our body and health. It was proved that the stress and the negative emotions are directly connected to anxiety and depression. Many studies have shown that these emotions increase the risk for heart disease, especially for arteriosclerosis. These kinds of foods can help you reduce the stress:
-Milk contains vitamins B12 and B2, and a lot of antioxidants that destroy the free radicals;
-Blueberries are rich in vitamin C which helps the body to deal with the stress;
-Almonds are great ally in the fight against stress. They contain vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc;
-Spinach is rich in magnesium, and this mineral reduces the stress level.

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