6 Colored Natural Solutions Against Mosquitoes

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful hours of the summer, and not to be disturbed by mosquitoes then you should try the solutions from the nature. With this natural solutions and a bit of effort, it’s possible to control mosquito populations in many different situations and climates.

5 Colored Natural Solutions Against Mosquitoes

It has specific smell and it belongs in the group of the most important herbs that reject all insects, especially mosquitoes. You can plant marigold near your front door or window in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering in your home.

2. Valerian
Studies have shown that this plant is ten times more effective than all other chemical means which are developed against mosquitoes or other insects. If you have cat, you should not plant it on a place where it can grab. Cats enjoy eating these plants and thus they can destroy your fight against mosquitoes.

3. Lemon balm
The lemon balm is a real legend among the plants that are fatal for mosquitoes. It consists of essential oil that spreads pleasant odor, and is a real “fighter” against mosquitoes. If you were bit of mosquito, the lemon balm will help you. The itching will disappear in a few seconds.

4. Rosemary
This herb spreads pleasant odor that mosquitoes do not like. You can plant it in a flowerpot or directly in the ground near your windows in order to have peaceful summer.

5. Lavender
The smell of the lavender will protect you from the boring insects. These plants with violet petals must be in your surroundings. The essential oil that it contains can be applied to the skin in undiluted way.

6.Garden Feeder Solution
If you have an old garden feeder lying around along with a few house hold liquids, you can drive mosquitoes out using this technique.
1/3 stale beer (any kind),
1/3 epsom salt
1/3 mouth wash (with alcohol)
Put the mixture in your garden feeder and spray down your lawn, bushes, patios and areas that look suspicious for breeding insects. Do this at the beginning of the year and in the middle. This solution could smell a little funny at first, but quickly dissipates, leaving your out door areas mosquito free!

Mosquitoes can cause sickness and death through the diseases they can carry so hurry up and start using this natural solutions. Enjoy the summer with friends and family in the comfort of your own backyard.

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