8 Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool

If you give up on eating bread, you must have a good reason for doing so. If you are not able to find healthy ingredients or simply do not feel like baking your own bread, the options you are left with are pretty expensive.


Here are some ideas and make sure you do not forget each of them every time you think of having a slice of bread. Once you have tasted these “bread-less” sandwiches, you will like them and they will surely take a special place in your menu.

8-amazing-bread-less-sandwich-ideas-that-will-make-you-drool1                                                                    Barbecue salmon lettuce wraps
Recipe: nomnompaleo

                                                                   Red bell pepper sandwich
8-amazing-bread-less-sandwich-ideas-that-will-make-you-drool2                                                                    Recipe: theprimalparent

                                                                    Paleo sweet potato buns
8-amazing-bread-less-sandwich-ideas-that-will-make-you-drool3                                                                        Recipe: platedwithstyle

                                                                        Grilled eggplant sandwich
8-amazing-bread-less-sandwich-ideas-that-will-make-you-drool4                                                                        Recipe: mealsandmiles

                                                                       Gluten free tapioca wraps
                                                                              Recipe: glutenfreeonashoestring

                                                                            Plantain tortillas
                                                                                        Recipe: zenbellycatering

                                                                                 Cucumber subs
8-amazing-bread-less-sandwich-ideas-that-will-make-you-drool7                                                                      Recipe: makethebestofeverything

                                                                      Portabella halloumi burgers
                                                                        Recipe: mushroominfo
                                                                       [h/t wisemindhealthybody]

If you try these“bread-less” sandwiches, you will never ever buy a loaf of bread.

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