This seed has panicked doctors! It will help you control diabetes and restore 100% of your liver and kidney function!

Diabetes is known as the ‘modern’ disease in the 21st century. Actually, it is a chronic illness which occurs when insulin, the sugar-controlling hormone in the body, cannot regulate blood sugar levels. This hormone is secreted by the pancreas and diabetes occurs when there is a little production of insulin.

It is a fact that diabetes existed in the past. How did the doctors treat diabetes before they discovered the insulin? There are a lot of medicinal plants which have powerful anti-diabetic properties, for example, beans.

This recipe is based on bird-seeds. You can combine with water, soy milk, honey or some fruit you prefer. You can control diabetes completely naturallyby using this recipe.


Place 5 tablespoons bird-seed in a glass of water and leave it to stay overnight. The following morning, strain out the water, then blend the seeds in combination with some fruit or soy milk.You can add some honey, if you want a sweeter taste.

You should drink this in the morning before breakfast, in order to keep your blood sugar under control. It will also boost your energy levels.

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