Castor Oil and Baking Soda Can Heal the Body

The numerous health benefits of castor oil have been known for centuries. Castor oil is so potent that it can treat a long list of health problems, as you will see below. The first recorded use of castor oil dates back to ancient Egypt. It’s known to improve the blood flow and cleanse the body.

Here are the best uses of castor oil:

Lightens dark skin patches when mixed with baking soda

Removes stretch marks when massaged onto the problematic areas

Heals bruises, small cuts, and minor wounds

Aids the removal of pilonidal cysts

Alleviates pain caused by a sprained ankle

Cures tinnitus; drink 3 drops mixed with water for a period of 4 months

Drink 5 drops every day to alleviate allergy symptoms

Treats throat nodules; rub it onto the neck

Rub it daily onto the lids prior to bed to treat conjunctivitis

It breaks down excessive ear wax; just drop one drop into the affected ear

Take 2 drops per day to remove nicotine from your system

Massage castor oil onto the soles to remove calluses

Cure diarrhea by applying castor oil onto the belly

When mixed with lavender oil, it reduces hyperactivity and muscle problems

When applied onto the back, it can treat lumbar and cervical pain

If you want to treat athlete’s foot or fungi, apply castor oil onto the affected area

In order to remove warts, rub castor oil onto them daily until they fall of

Rub it onto the chest to stop snoring

When mixed with baking soda it makes the body more alkaline

Apply one drop of castor oil onto bug bites to stop inflammation and itching

Furthermore, castor oil compresses are known to be very helpful in the treatment of joint pain. So, if you experience joint ache, you should try out this compress. Here’s how to prepare it:

You will need:

Castor oil

Baking soda

A bottle with hot water

Aluminum foil

Gauze or a cotton cloth

Application: First, cleanse the painful areas with baking soda and warm water. Then, soak the cloth in the castor oil and cover the area with it. Then, wrap it with the foil and hold the bottle with the hot water on top. After 60 minutes, remove the compress and rinse the area. Repeat the procedure every day for a period of two months.

The compress is also beneficial for people who have problems with varicose veins, digestion issues, inflammation, toxic liver, etc.

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