Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It for 2 Weeks in This Way

Coconut oil is definitely one of the healthiest ingredients ever. It has numerous beneficial uses and it will definitely become your favorite product after you read how you can use it:

Nighttime facial cream

If you apply coconut oil onto the face prior to bed, your skin will look cleaner and more refreshed in the morning. While you sleep, coconut oil will penetrate the skin and nourish it.

Anti-cellulite cream

If you have a problem with cellulite, you should know that coconut oil can be of great help. Namely, you should mix some coconut oil and a bit of honey and then apply the mixture onto the affected areas before going to bed. Repeat this procedure every night and in few weeks, your cellulite will disappear.

Cuticle softener

If your cuticles are dry, rub some coconut oil onto the cuticles to moisturize them.

Treats varicose veins

Massage the affected areas with coconut oil daily.

Hand cream

If your hands tend to be dry and rough, especially during winter, rub some coconut oil onto them to make the skin softer and smoother.

Shaving cream

Coconut oil is a natural and easily affordable shaving cream without any chemicals. It’s very beneficial since it soothes the skin after being shaved and it maintains it hydrated.

Increases the volume of the eyelashes

Prior to bed, apply coconut oil onto the eyelashes to prevent breakage and damage due to using a lot of makeup.

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