12 Cancer-Causing Things That You Need to Remove from Your Bedroom Right Now

In order to live a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy foods and being physically active, we must also live in a healthy environment. Nowadays, more than ever, people are beginning to understand the danger of dryer sheets and chemical-laden cleaning products so they’re actively removing them from their homes.

However, what you might not have been aware of is the fact that there are some other, cancer-causing items that you keep in your bedroom- the place where we spend a big part of our lives. In order to get rid of these cancer-causing things, you need to make some changes.

Step by step, no matter how little the change, you’ll positively influence your wellbeing, that’s for sure. Let’s take a look at some of the measures you need to take:

  • Use pillow cases made from organic materials

Scientists explain that cotton pillows and pillow cases are much safer than synthetics; however, the truth is that cotton uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and 14% of pesticides. Instead, turn to organic pillow cases.

  • Get rid of all artificial fabrics from your bedroom, bedding, and closet

Synthetic materials are made from thermoplastics and when heated, they release plastic molecules. When you’re surrounded by this material, you’re breathing in dangerous formaldehyde. In order to be on the safe side, use only organic materials.

  • Stop wearing artificial clothes

Synthetic fabrics are oil, coal, or gas-based. The liquid is spread through nozzle holes called a spinneret, and, as it emerges, it’s immediately cooled to create tiny threads that are later woven to create a fabric. Unfortunately, to increase their durability, a Teflon layer is added. To conclude, synthetic clothes can be detrimental and lead to cancer with time.

  • Don’t buy faux/fabric furniture

Artificial leather contains PVC, the most dangerous of all fabrics. It is made with phthalates, known to disable the proper functioning of the endocrine system. Stain and water resistant pillows and cushions are treated with toxic chemicals which can lead to a long list of health issues.

  • Avoid particle board and MDF

Furniture which has MDF, melamine or if it’s made of particle board, should not be part of your home! Namely, MDF is made from powdered and softened shredded wood that is combined with resin and bonding agents compacted into solid boards. It also has formaldehyde, known to be harmful for the respiratory system.

Unfortunately, as seen on How Stuff Works, particle boards decrease in toxicity by 25% within 2 months, and 50% in only 1 year. So, it can release gasses up to 10 years. Therefore, buy only solid wood furniture or glass or metal table desks.

  • Remove accent/throw rugs

People tend to put small rugs in their bedrooms because it looks good, however, these rugs are known to collect dust mites, dirt, and allergens which can cause problem with the health. The rugs are usually made with polyester which is produced with antimony-a chemical with detrimental effects. These synthetic carpets and rugs also contain dangerous compounds like olefin and nylon.

  • Use only No-VOC paint

During their vaporization, VOCs react with other elements and produce ozone which pollutes the air and can cause numerous respiratory problems.

  • Exclude chemically treated shades or drapes

Similarly as with the rugs and carpets, drapes and shades contain dust, pollen, and other allergens with a cancer-causing effect. Replace them with drapes or shades from organic materials or you can use wood blinds.

  • Purchase an air cleaner

Portable air cleaners are the best option. Make sure they don’t have ozone-known to be cancer-causing.

  • Ditch the old mattress

Covering or replacing the mattress is a must if you want to live healthy. A lot of mattresses are sprayed with chemicals and flame retardants which are cancer-causing. If you cannot afford buying a new mattress, wrap it in a foil barrier cloth, available online.

  • Shoe-free zone

Make sure that your family and guests leave their shoes by the door to avoid contaminants in your home.

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