Doctors Won’t Tell You This-A Cheap Way to Get Rid of Lice almost instantly!

Lice are a parent’s worst nightmare, that’s for sure. Children are most affected by this problem and the itching they cause is unbearable. So, every parent wants to find an effective way to remove the lice. Lice are small and wingless insects which feed on human blood and are contagious.

Even though lice are most common in pre-school and school children, adults are no exception and they can also get them. When a person gets infected with lice, their scalp becomes too itchy and inflamed. If they’re not removed timely, the situation can get out of control due to the lice’s ability to multiply very quickly and thus cause serious infection.

When people have lice, they usually opt for store-bought lice shampoos; however, most of them are either too expensive or ineffective. Another resort is endless hours of combing, but even a thorough combing may not remove all the lice.

If you are unable to remove the lice from your hair or from your child’s hair with these products, you should try out this homemade remedy. What’s more, this remedy, unlike store-bought products, is free of chemicals. Here’s the recipe:

You will need:

A lice comb

White vinegar


Few towels

A shower cup

Preparation: First, wash the hair with the mouthwash. It needs to be completely wet. Then, wrap the hair in the shower cap and leave it for an hour. Once the 60 minutes pass, remove the shower cap and wash the hair with vinegar and then put the cap again for additional 60 minutes. Remove the cap afterwards and wash the hair with a normal shampoo. Then, comb the hair with a lice comb.

The vinegar will remove the lice eggs whereas the strong smell of the mouthwash will keep lice away since they cannot stand the smell of spearmint.

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