8 Bad Habits Are Destroying Your Kidneys Every Day; Immediately Stop Doing These Things!

The kidneys are very important organs because they filter out toxins from the body and surplus water as well. Often times, people don’t take enough care for their kidneys, that is, they lead an unhealthy lifestyle which often leads to kidney problems. Below, there is a list of several harmful habits that one should stop doing in order to better the health of these two important organs. Let’s take a look:

Lack of water

The main function of the kidneys is to eliminate waste from our bodies and balance the erythrocytes. When one doesn’t drink the needed amount of water on a daily basis, the renal blood flow drops and leads to the creation of toxic deposits in the body.

Holding in urine

When we hold in large amounts of urine for a longer period of time, we can cause numerous health complications. For example, the increase of urine pressure in the kidneys can cause back pressure on the kidneys which may further lead to renal failure.

Excessive intake of sodium

Salt contains a lot of sodium and when we exaggerate with the consumption of salt and salty foods, the kidneys have a difficulty removing it from the body and this causes additional pressure onto the kidneys.

Too much caffeine

Excessive consumption of coffee and other caffeinated drinks may lead to kidney damage due to increase of the blood pressure.

Too much painkillers

Long-term consumption of painkillers may reduce the blood and deteriorate the function of the kidneys.

Too much protein

Excessive consumption of foods rich in protein may damage the kidneys because they are sensitive organs. Surplus protein increases the metabolic loads as well. So, if you want to maintain your kidneys healthy, make sure you consume protein moderately.

Ignoring colds and flu

Whenever you catch the flu or a cold, make sure to rest your body, otherwise, there is an increased risk of impaired kidney function.

Too much alcohol

When consumed very often and in large amounts, alcohol can cause a serious damage to the kidneys due to the presence of toxins in it. Therefore, drink alcohol in moderate amounts and from time to time.

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