Military Diet: Lose 10 Pounds in just 3 Days

A lot of people who have tried or are trying to lose weight know that strict diets provide amazing results. The key to a successful outcome is to follow the guidelines. One such strict diet that can help you lose surplus fat and pounds is the popular Military Diet that many people swear by.

During the diet, here’s what you’re allowed to eat:

Lemon juice




Black coffee


Non-caloric sweeteners

During the diet, you shouldn’t eat foods that are rich in fat. The diet lasts 3 days and if you want to prolong it, you need to take 4-day break first. There are some exceptions like replacing meat with lentils or eat one veggie instead of another. Let’s take a look at the diet menu for the 3 days:

First day


Half a grapefruit, a slice of toast, a cup of black tea or coffee, and 2 tbsp of peanut butter


Half a tuna, a cup of tea, and a slice of toast


3 ounces of meat, a cup of green beans, half a banana, a cup of vanilla flavored ice cream, one apple

Second day


One boiled egg, half a banana or some other fruit of your choosing, a slice of toast


One boiled egg, five crackers, and a cup of cottage cheese


Two hot dogs without the bun, half a cup of carrots, a cup of broccoli, half a banana or some other fruit, and a cup of vanilla ice cream

Third day


A slice of quality cheddar cheese, 5 crackers, one apple


A boiled egg and a slice of toast


A cup of tuna, half a banana or some other fruit, and a cup of vanilla ice cream

For optimal results, you need to do some physical activity, i.e. exercise on a regular basis. If you are overweight, take a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood, whereas if you are relatively active and fit, try out some other activities like running, jumping rope, swimming, treadmill workout, etc.


If you have certain medical issues, make sure to consult your physician before you try out the diet.

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