Every Parent’s Nightmare: How To Save Your Baby From Choking Within 3 Minutes – Watch The Video!

One of the biggest fears and nightmares for parents, when their baby is small, is the possibility of choking.

At this moment, we all panic and we do not know exactly what to do to in order to prevent the worst.

But, you ought to be aware that this can happen in any family because children like to examine and play with some small object that can find in the house, and then put it in the mouth. You should not leave small dangerous object near your child in the first place.

Every Parent’s Nightmare How To Save Your Baby From Choking Within 3 Minutes – Watch The Video!

However, if this happens, are you well informed what to do and how to prevent choking? Today, we will tell you all the important tips you need to know.

Step 1: Evaluate the situation

  • If the baby’s face becomes red or purple and it is quiet while his mouth opened, it is a clear sign that cannot breathe and you have to react and help.
  • If you notice some strange sounds coming from your baby like wheezing, or cough when it opens the mouth, it is very possible that its breathing is hard because of some object.
  • If the baby is crying loudly and coughing heavily, the object could get rid of the foreign object while coughing, but if the coughing is not strong, you should help the baby to get rid of the object.

Step 2: Elimination of the object from the airways

Hitting on the back

  • Put your forearm on the thigh, with your palm directed upwards in sitting position. After that, put the baby on your forearm, so that the baby is leaning with its belly on your arm, and in this position you are protecting the baby’s jaw with your hand. Keep its head lower than the body.
  • Now you should hit the baby in the back 5 times, you can freely use a bit strength while hitting the baby’s back.

Abdominal pressure (If the previous method does not work)

Put the baby in your lap and by using your free hand,  you should hold his head lower than its body.

With your other hand, press the center of the baby’s chest just below the baby’s nipples with your two fingers about 4 cm in depth. Repeat this move 5 times and the object will be removed from the airways.

Artificial respiration- (If the other methods have not succeeded)

In this video you will see how to perform CPR on your baby, if both the above methods have failed to provide positive results.

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