Every Woman Should Know THIS Trick! Here’s Why…

Can you count the number of bras that you had to throw away before they are properly “worn – out”. One of the most annoying problems with any conventional bra are the wires that come out and cause discomfort and even bruises. You can’t wear those without wires, they don’t have the same support.

You may have tried different thing, but have you tried this trick?

All you need is a sanitary towel. Cut it into smaller sections and apply them over the end of the wire.  This will keep the bra underwire from poking out.

You can also try putting a bit of a heavy fabric like denim over the ends and glue it in place with a glue gun or washer safe glue. However, cotton is way more comfortable.


1. Slippers

If you are on a mini break and you have forgotten your slippers,  just fashion a new pair together with a couple of pads and you’re ready to chill. This is definitely only an indoor shoe. Not only it is a little embarrassing wearing feminine hygiene products as footwear, they would be a little absorbent in wet weather.

2. Sweat moppers

Who needs a headband when you can just use a sanitary towel? Formula 1 racing driver Nico Rosberg, wears a towel under his helmet to mop up sweat so it doesn’t run into his eyes. Stylists also often pop a pad inside garments on photo shoots to absorb sweat and stop a ring forming around the armpit. Models sweat, as well!

3. Makeshift bandage

If you’re in the wild and there isn’t a chemist near by, you can create a bandage or dressing from a sanitary towel. Just wrap it over the wound and you’re good to go.

4. Insoles

If you suffer from sweaty feet, just pop a sanitary pad into your shoes and you will have fresh, clean smelling feet. The pad absorbs the sweat. Also a genius idea if your shoes slip or are slightly too big.

5. Breast pads

If you’re breastfeeding and have leaky boob syndrome, don’t waste your money on breast pads! Instead, cut a towel in half and stick into your bra with the adhesive on the back.

Source: http://myilifestyle.com/

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