Attention: Garlic Imported from China Contains Bleach and Harmful Chemicals! (Learn How to Recognize It)

Believe it or not, a high percentage of the garlic found in grocery stores around USA is with Chinese origin. To be more precise, approximately, a third of the garlic comes from China. The problem with it is the lack of quality control. Namely, according to food experts, Chinese farmers use banned pesticides for farming purposes.

What’s more, according to an undercover magazine press reporter, a lot of veggie farmers add phorate and parathion for crop irrigation. These 2 pesticides are banned by the government. Unfortunately, they are labeled as ‘extremely hazardous toxins’.

An additional cause for concern is the high level of pollution in China. According to a government report from 2014, a fifth of China’s soil is polluted by heavy metals, fertilizers, and pesticides. China’s most significant rivers contain a huge amount of household waste and industrial chemicals.

How to recognize Chinese garlic

  • Chinese garlic doesn’t have roots and stems, they cut it off prior in order to reduce weight
  • Chinese garlic is lighter than healthy garlic
  • Chinese garlic is poorer in taste than healthy garlic

All in all, the best way to be 100% sure that the garlic you and your family consume is healthy, is to buy it from local farmers or to grow it on your own. Take a look at the video below if you want to learn to grow garlic:


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