Get Rid of Blackheads: Effective Mask With Only Two Ingredients!

Blackheads are tiny, dark flaws on the skin found in the nose area. They are caused by a blockage in the follicle or pore. Since they trap bacteria, you need to get rid of blackheads because they often result to acne and infections.



There are many ways to get rid of blackheads, including the use of products you can buy. However, there is a natural way to get rid of them and you only need two ingredients.

1. Egg white
2. Lemon juice

Carefully separate the egg white from the yolk. Beat the egg white using a whisk until you get a smooth blend. Once it looks like you are making a meringue, add a teaspoon of lemon juice you just squeezed from the acidic fruit. This will complete the mask that will help remove the blackheads on your face.

The use the mask, remove dirt first by washing your face with warm water. Now, apply the mask on your face where your blackheads are. You can use a brush to carefully apply the mixture. Leave the mask on your face for at least 20 minutes. When done, peel the mask away. If there are residues, you can wash your face with warm water again. You can apply your face cream afterward

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