How to Make Ginger Wraps and Burn Fat Overnight!

A lot of people who are trying or who have tried to lose weight know that this is not an easy task. In fact, it’s a combination of numerous factors such as a healthy diet, regular workout, drinking enough water, etc. But, did you know that there are other beneficial methods that can be of great aid when it comes to weight loss?

In fact, have you heard that ginger wraps can speed up the reduction of weight and that they’re especially recommendable for people who want to get rid of their belly fat?  Literally, people have noticed reduction of fat in the abdominal area after the first night of wearing the wraps. So, let’s learn how to prepare them and have the flat belly we’ve always wanted!

You will need:

A tbsp of grated ginger

5 tbsp of body lotion

Plastic wrap

A clean towel

Flexible bandage


First, you need to soak the towel in warm water and then squeeze out the surplus water. Wrap it around the belly area and leave it for 5 minutes so that the pores open up. Next, mix the grated ginger and the body lotion and apply it onto the belly. Next, with the plastic wrap, wrap the belly area few times, but don’t press too hard to prevent discomfort. Next, put the band over the wrap and leave the compress for five hours or even better, overnight, and remove it the next morning.

Additional note:

If you experience a tingling sensation at the beginning of the treatment, don’t worry as this is a sign that the method is working.



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