A Cancer Patient Given 18 Months to Live Is Cured with Cannabis Oil

David Hibbitt, 33, from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England, was diagnosed with cancer and given only 18 months to live. However, he managed to cure himself with a ‘miracle’.

After being exposed to the negative side effects from conventional cancer therapy like meds and chemo and after getting no positive results from them, he decided to try cannabis oil. He got it from a local dealer for 50 pounds per gram. He decided to try out cannabis oil since a lot of friends told him about it, even though he dismissed it in the beginning. However, after feeling that chemo is doing him more harm than good and as he was unwilling to accept that his life was coming to an end, he had no other option but to try what cannabis oil has to offer.

He underwent a surgery to remove to affected lymph nodes and he continued taking cannabis oil. In 2015, the scans showed that the cancer was no longer there and David said that cannabis oil was crucial for his recovery. He said that the pain just seemed to disappear and that he wanted to make others more aware of other options besides chemo and radiation.


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