Grow Back Your Receding Gums with the Help of These Natural Remedies

The gums are the soft tissue which covers the root of the tooth and keeps it in place. However, when the gum tissue’s margin around the tooth wears away or pulls back, gum recession occurs, and the tooth becomes more visible.

Gum recession causes the formation of gaps or pockets between the teeth and they become the perfect surrounding for bacteria. The more visible the teeth are the more painful and sensitive they become. Hence, the supporting tissue and the bone structure can get damaged and lead to tooth loss.

Usually, people tend to neglect this rather serious problem since it develops gradually. Nonetheless, knowing its symptoms is crucial if you want to treat the problem timely and successfully.

Teeth sensitivity is the first sign of gum recession. Additionally, if you notice that a tooth has increased its size, you need to consult your dentist. Other frequent symptom is toothache.

Gum recession can sometimes develop as a result of some gum disease or some other problems like:

  • Poor oral hygiene- plaque deposits on the teeth if you don’t brush them regularly. Consequently, calculus, a hard substance which causes gum recession, will be formed.
  • Aggressive brushing- it can lead to damaged enamel and gum recession.
  • Periodontal diseases- these diseases are infections of the gums which destroy the bone that supports the teeth and causes numerous other symptoms.
  • Hormonal imbalance- this is especially the case in women when the imbalance causes the gums to become sensitive.
  • Smoking- a harmful habit which causes plaque accumulation on the teeth and leads to gum recession.
  • Genes- there are cases when receding gums occurs due to genetic predispositions.
  • Piercings- tongue or lip piercings could also lead to receding gums.
  • Clenching and grinding


When it is in the early stage, this problem could be resolved with tooth scaling or root planning. Namely, the dentist will remove the calculus and clean the area under the gum line. However, when this problem isn’t addressed timely, the only solution may be a surgery so that the lost tooth bone and tissue is regenerated, so that the depth is reduced, etc.

Nonetheless, there are also natural remedies you can try if you want to avoid surgery. If you have a severe gum infection, you must consult your dentist. Take a look at some of these methods:

  • Green tea

This tea is a great source of antioxidants which eliminate free radicals-the main cause of periodontal disease. Additionally, it is rich in Catechin, a powerful antioxidant which can treat any periodontal disease because it strengthens the connection between the gums and the teeth. Also, it will decrease the swelling of the gums as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Consume a cup of tea every morning.


  • Aloe Vera

As it is rich in antibacterial properties, this beneficial herb will treat the inflammation, prevent further infections, and repair the damaged tissue.


Use Aloe Vera as a mouth wash. You need to mix it with some water and gargle with it after you brush your teeth. Also, you can apply Aloe Vera gel after flossing and brushing, and brush the teeth once more with it for 5 minutes. At the end, rinse well.


  • Oil pulling

Oil pulling is effective for cavities, but it is also great in prevention of other oral diseases as well. This method eliminates toxins and plaque deposits, and it provides potent anti-inflammatory effects. What’s more, sesame oil works as a protective layer of the teeth for the prevention of plaque accumulation.

You need to heat it up, but not to be too hot. Then, rinse your mouth with it, after you brush your teeth. Rinse and gargle for 30 seconds. Increase the time gradually until you can do it for 15 minutes.


Another option is coconut oil which will relieve the bacterial infection; it will prevent tooth decay, and treat the oral cavity and help you grow back the gums. After brushing your teeth, wash your mouth with it. Begin with a minute or two, and then increase up to 20 minutes.


  • Eucalyptus

Essential oils have a stronger effect than herbs, so the eucalyptus essential oil will successfully fight off bacteria in the mouth and any infections.


Additionally, this essential oil is very helpful in cases of gum recession as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. However, remember to dilute it with water before use.

First, dilute 1 or 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 2 tbsp of water. Then, soak your toothbrush in the mixture and apply it onto the gums. Massage the area gently.


  • Myrrh

The resin from the Myrrh tree is exceptional in the treatment of oral diseases and gum problems. Crush the resin to make powder or simply use an already powdered resin. Mix it with some water to prepare a paste. Apply it onto the gums and massage for a couple of minutes.


  • Clove oil

Clove oil fights off bacteria and mouth diseases successfully. Also, it relieves swelling due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Use it after meals to treat bad breath and to alleviate inflammation.


Drop 2 drops onto your toothbrush and massage the gums. Repeat the procedure 3 times per day.


It is always better to prevent problems than to treat them. Therefore, pay attention to these things if you want to prevent gum diseases:

  • Regular oral hygiene
  • No aggressive brushing
  • Don’t push the gums while brushing
  • Brush the teeth in a circular motion
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and small head
  • Use dental floss daily
  • Use mouthwash daily


Regular use of mouthwash can help you lower the chances of bacteria in the mouth. Wash the teeth twice per day. You can prepare your own mouthwash at home. Follow these instructions:

Mix 2 drops of essential clove, sage, or tea tree oil with ¼ tea and ½ cup of water. Use the mixture regularly. Also, you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide against infections.


Water is very important for the oral health, as it is important for the health of the entire body. Use water to clean your teeth after meals by swishing it around the mouth and spitting or swallowing it.


A healthy diet rich in nutrients is crucial for your overall health, because it will improve your immunity. On the other hand, junk food promotes spreading of bacteria in the mouth which cause a lot of infections.

It is important to decrease the intake of sugar and carbonated drinks, as well as caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, and white flour foods. You should include more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, which is important for the gums because it can prevent inflammation and encourage gum regeneration.

You should eat more broccoli, pineapples, asparagus, oranges, strawberries, etc. If you plan to include some supplements, always consult your physician.

Some of these supplements are exceptional in the treatment of receding gums:

  • Vitamin C- strengthens the immunity and it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties
  • Gingko-biloba-enhances the blood circulation which is of great importance for the health of the gums.
  • Calcium- very important for dental and bone health.
  • Zinc-improves the immunity and fights off bacteria which lead to oral diseases.
  • Coenzyme Q10- helps to grow back receding gums and renews the cells.


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