Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption”

Jamie Oliver, the popular chef, provided relevant proofs against the biggest fast food chains on the planet McDonalds, that their hamburgers are packed with numerous unhealthy ingredients.

Because of this, McDonalds made a decision to change the recipe. However, not a single mainstream medium reported this publicly.

Jamie Oliver wanted to warn the population in interviews, television shows, and documentaries, saying that the fatty parts of the beef are actually “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of these burgers.

Oliver says: “Basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs, and after this process, is being given to human beings.”

Besides ammonium hydroxide reduces meat quality, it is also detrimental to health. Jamie named this process as “the pink slime process.”

According to the USDA, this ingredient is a part of the “component in a production procedure”, so people buying and eating these burgers are not even aware that they are ingesting this harmful chemical.

Oliver asked- “Why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?” Oliver, in one of his numerous demonstrations, showed the procedure of production of nuggets, in which the chicken remains are processed and fried, while the best parts are eliminated.

The franchise manager for McDonalds in Latin America, company Arcos Doradosburgers in their area are made differently, from meat bought from local suppliers.

Burger King and Taco Bell in the USA abandoned the use of ammonia in the products, because this dangerous chemical is used as an anti-microbial agent in meats, creating an opportunity for McDonald’s to use otherwise “inedible meat.”

The company, on their official website, commented that their meat is sold cheaply,because they buy it at a lower price, and they still offer the best quality products.

Now, when people are aware of the “pink slime”, how come they do not offer the same quality in Latin America and Europe?

Jamie Oliver’s campaign opened a lot of other questions which unfortunately are left unanswered by the franchise.

They even deny that they are altering the recipe because of the claims of the Oliver, but they have officially admitted that they do not use this chemical filler for their beef burgers anymore.

Oliver’s aims are to raise awareness of the general public, as we are responsible for our own health.We need todo better and know betterif we want to avoid severe consequences on our well-being.

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