Have These Plants at Home and be Lucky, Healthy and Wealthy

How many of us know that some indoor plants are able to bring success, wealth and love in our home? It is considered that many plants have incredible energy that attracts success and happiness. There are a lot of indoor plants that have powerful effects in helping people. You should keep Bamboo in order to have happiness and prosperity in your home. To have money, keep Feng Shui. The plant which brings happiness, love and passion is the Basil. The miniature roses attract love and luck. The plants in the home have a special role in the compensation, most on the negative energy, and they should always be well groomed, because the withered plants will have opposite effect.


1. Bamboo
This plant does not require much attention, so it is perfect for people who are busy. It brings prosperity and happiness for those who keep it at home. It is extremely useful to be placed in a working room, office or near a place where the money is kept. The bamboo is a symbol of longevity and good health. It brings positive feeling in your home. Its best place to be kept is in the direction of the east or southeast.

2. The Feng Shui money tree
The money tree is known for luck and prosperity and securing, for those who have it. The plant does not require too much, and if you care for it, this plant can live long. All it needs is light, because without light the leaves will illuminate and the plant will stretch. In the warmer parts of the year, you can place it outdoor, but do not expose it direct light. It is believed that the presence of this plant attracts money. It is best to be located to the southeast, which is the sector of money, but you will not make a mistake if you put it on the south or east.

3. Basil
This plant brings wealth, passion, luck and beauty to your home. When consuming basil it is said that it awakens passion in anyone who eats it. It is known to be an antidepressant, antibacterial and antiseptic. It is also thought that it helps people to achieve financial success with little effort.

4. The miniature roses
The miniature roses are said to attract love, healing and luck. They offer protection and healing. They need a lot of sun. The color of the roses has meaning too.
White: Purifying, healing, and positive energy
Peach: Peace, spirituality and friendship
Pink: Sweetness, fun and romantic love
Red: Deep and true love, passionate.

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