He Slips 4 Filthy Burners Into Plastic Baggies. The Results? This Is Incredible

As a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, I would prefer fundamentally not to spend the greater part of my time there tidying up afterward.

He Slips 4 Filthy Burners Into Plastic Baggies. The Results This Is Incredible

Therefore, I am continually searching for new, simple approaches to keep my kitchen clean without spending a lot of hours cleaning — and fortunately, there are many kitchen hacks out there, similar to this splendid approach to make a Swiffer out of an old sock.

Also, when I spotted this fantastically smart and simple way to clean the grates of my stove without being bent over a sink scouring for a lot of time, I knew I would be trying it immediately.

In the same way as other great hacks, this one does not require a ton of costly instruments or complicated steps, making it ideal for somebody like me. Indeed, everything you need is a Ziploc bag, clear ammonia, a wipe, and some dish soap.

Cleaning stove grates can be one of the hardest parts about keeping up a clean kitchen. Watch the video below to see exactly how easy is to remove weeks (or even months) of gross sustenance and grime.

Source of the video: DIY Super Mom

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