Her Son Died 1 Hour After He Went Swimming In This Pool. The Reason? I Had No Idea This Was Possible

A 10-year-old boy from South Carolina, was enjoying a hot summer day at the neighborhood pool. His name was Johnny Jackson.  His mother, Cassandra walked home with him, having no idea that tragedy was about to strike.

Her Son Died 1 Hour After He Went Swimming In This PoolImage via: YouTube

He had been playing all afternoon.  Johnny said to his mother that he was tired and sleepy.  He took a nap, which did not seem unexpected  after a hot day at the pool. Cassandra had no idea that her little boy was slowly drowning.

When she went to check on him one hour later, she saw a foam-like substance covering his face.  She immediately realized he had no signs of life and rushed him to the hospital, but, unfortunately it was too late.  Johnny was declared dead because of “Asphyxiation by Drowning.”

In the video, you will hear Cassandra’s tragic description of what happened to her son.  The doctors explained to her that Johnny had “dry-drowned.” This happened because he had swallowed too much water while swimming.  This phenomenon of a slow death because of impaired lung function. It happens when water averts enough oxygen from reaching the blood, which in turn prevents carbon dioxide from being released.

You are going to hear a pediatrician, Dr. Daniel Rauch. He was  interviewed about “dry-drowning” on the Today show following this tragic incident.  He gives an explanation what to look for physically as well as in a child’s behavior, that may point out something abnormal is going on.  This phenomenon  of “dry-drowning” can even occur if too much water is swallowed in a bathtub.

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