Homemade ROSEMARY Syrup Strengthens the Heart Muscle and Normalizes Blood Pressure

Rosemary is well-known Mediterranean herb. It has always been appreciated because it increases concentration and improves brain activity. In traditional Chinese medicine, rosemary is consumed as a tonic for the brain, for thousands of years. But rosemary is also a remarkable natural diuretic and therefore is recommended for individuals who have swellings. Because improves the function of kidneys, rosemary is a natural ”cleanser” of the body and helps in removing toxins from it. Rosemary stimulates the heart, improves circulation, normalizes low blood pressure and is an excellent tonic for the heart.

Rosemary Syrup

You can prepare a natural syrup at home which will strengthen your heart muscle and normalize your blood pressure:


– 1 liter cold water
– 3 lemons cut in half
– 250 grams of sugar
– 5 branches of rosemary


Boil 1 liter cold water, 3 lemons cut in half, 250 grams of sugar and 5 branches of rosemary. Allow it to boil until the liquid is reduced to 500 ml, and then put it on the side to cool a little bit, strain it and store it in bottles.


Drink 20 milliliters of the rosemary syrup in the morning on an empty stomach.

We hope this works for you too. If it does, share your experience with us.

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