Honey, Cinnamon and Rosemary Cleans the Blood Vessels and the Urinary Tract Fast and Natural (RECIPE).

Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen shrub that has leaves similar to hemlock needles and it is native to the Mediterranean and Asia. It is used as a culinary spice, flavoring in foods such as stuffings and roast lamb, pork, chicken and turkey. It is used in preparation of cakes and cookies, and tea, as well. Rosemary tea helps in getting rid of bloating, flatulence and mild gastrointestinal disorders. Rosemary also relieves rheumatic and muscular pains. It is particularly useful to treat inflammation of the muscles. Despite the array of benefits of rosemary, it is important to point out its function of cleaning the blood vessels and the urinary tract.
Read on and find out how to prepare yourself a natural remedy for purification of the blood vessels and the urinary tract.



– 1 liter of white wine
– 50 grams of honey
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 3 rosemary sprigs
– add a little bit of lemon for taste


In a jar, mix 1 liter of white wine, 50 grams of honey, 1 cinnamon stick and 3 rosemary sprigs. Close the jar well and let it sit for 10 days in a dark place, and stir t occasionally. After 10 days, strain the mixture.


Drink 20 milliliters of these wine 3 times a day, in the morning on an empty stomach , half an hour before lunch and half an hour before dinner.

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