How To Detox Through Your Feet

Detoxification through the feet is an easy and helpful way to remove toxins from the body without having to make changes in your day to day nutrition. What’s more, feet detoxification is one of the safest methods of body detoxification. What’s more, there are several types of feet detoxification, for example, Detox pads and Detox foot spas, homemade and electric. If you practice these methods, you will not only provide a complete detoxification of the body, but also lead a healthier life.

Foot Detox pads

These pads are made from bamboo and tree extracts and can be purchased at almost every healthy food store. Otherwise known as foot Detox patches, they originated in Japan and are very simple to use. The pads need to be applied to the feet before you go to bed, and removed in the morning. In most of the cases, when removed, the pads are darkened due to the removed toxins from the body. Moreover, people who have used these pads claim to have felt less fatigue, less joint ache, and fewer headaches.

Ionic foot baths

These baths are based on an electrical process which produces positive and negative ions in warm salty water. Additionally, they function through ionizing warm salty water with alternating polarities. The only thing for you to do while this process takes place, is to breathe easily and enjoy the relaxing pleasure coming from soaking and cleaning the feet. The released toxins are a consequence of malnutrition, usually processed foods and saturated fats. Also, air pollution plays a significant role in the increase of toxins in the body which remain in our body if we are not physically active enough.


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