She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients into a Cure for Cancer and then the Government Did This to Her…

Doctor Johanna Budwig was nominated for the Noble Prize in Medicine even 6 times. The amazing thing about her is that she was able to cure 90% of her cancer patients with a method that involved the use of non-toxic ingredients without any side effects. She died in 2003 at the age of 95.

However, since she was very succesful in what she was doing, she soon became one of the biggest enemies of Big Pharma and the nuclear industry and from the 50s onwards, they supressed her work and this is one of the main reasons why the Budwig Protocol isn’t well- known among people.

Once, she stated that she had the answer to cancer but American doctors wouldn’t listen to her. They even came to observe her methods and they were geniunely impressed, however, they wanted to make a deal, take the method in their hands, and profit from it. She didn’t agree and so she became blackballed in every country.

The secret of Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry makes a fortune from sick people so dead or healthy patients bring no profit. So, it’s believed that the cancer industry isn’t interested enough about finding a cure due to the fact that cancer is one of the most profitable diseases and those on the top will do everything in their power to keep it that way.

The unholy cancer trinity

Toxins, radiation, and acidosis that are a result of pharmaceuticals and poor nutrition are the unholy trinity. Acidosis is the final stage of the disease and this is when the chemistry in the patient’s body becomes too acidic and the ability of the blood to retaion and carry oxygen is reduced to a minimum.

The blood oxygen level in healthy individuals is between 98 and 100, however, in cancer patients, it’s only 60. In a cancer patient, the blood becomes replaced with waste like carbon dioxide. When there isn’t enough oxygen, tumors are created and the cells need to mutate in order to get energy from sugar fermentation. This proess isn’t biochemically ‘clean’ and the waste products from the fermentation building up in the tissues cause more toxicity which creates even more acidosis and cellular oxygen starvation. This leads to spread of cancer cells and has a fatal consequence. This was backed up scientifically by Dr. O. Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner.

Since oxygen is a pivotal weapon in the fight against cancer, the Budwig Protocol encourages the supply of oxygen better than any other therapy and also adjusts the body’s pH into an alkaline state, and, when this happens, the blood has enough oxygen that destroys cancerous cells. Budwig found that fat-free diets are problematic so she removed fats and foods which caused cellular oxygen starvation and instead, she included essential fatty acids and healthy foods. She also put an accent on the importance of enough sunlight, a naturalsouce of vitamin D3, known to be anti-cancerous.

The Budwig Protocol

The method is comprised of two stages, the first is based on a combination of sulfur from quark/cottage cheese and omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed. According to Budwig, the body synthesizes omega-3 from flaxseed in the amount it needs. She further added that a deficiency in unsaturated fatty acids disrupts a lot of functions and reduces the supply of available oxygen. Same as we cannot survive without air and food, we cannot survive without these fatty acids.

Usually, she gave the medicine to her patients orally, however, in terminal cases, she administered flaxseed in enema form. Let’s take a look at the recipe for the medicine:

You will need:

A cup of quark cheese without homogenized milk

5 tbsp of flaxseed oil or 3 tbsp of freshly ground flaxseed

A bit of cayenne pepper

Preparation and use: Mix all of the ingredients well and consume the remedy once per day.

Note: Stir with a wooden spoon, never with a metal one.

The second part is consisted of diet rules that the patient needs to follow for 6 months, regardless of their symptoms. Let’s take a look:

No sugar or grape juice

No animal fat

No salad dressings

No mayonnaise

Eat meat only from organic and range-fed animals

No butter and margarine

Drink freshly-squezzed veggie juices from celery, beets, and carrot

Drink tea three times per day and use honey as a natural sweetener

No high-fructose corn syrup

Avoid chemicals and processed foods

Avoid soft drinks

Don’t drink tap and bottled water

Use fluoride-free products only

Eat fresh food

Extra tips

The flaxseed oil needs to be cold pressed and organic

Don’t use fish oil

Don’t use hydrogenated oils

Use chlorophyll as a supplement

Take 5 grams of vitamin C on a daily basis

Exclude white bread, rice, salt, sugar, and flour

Use safer alternatives to store-bough soaps, detergents, and bleaches

Avoid canola oil and soy products

Budwig’s books can be found online, however, only 3 of them have been translated into English, the others are in German.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the Protocol:

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