Is Your Second toe Longer Than The Others? Here it’s Meaning!

If your second toe is longer than your other toes, it means that you are a born leader. Hence, you are dynamic and resourceful, however, due to your desire to always get things done in your own way; you can appear bossy at times. According to Indian folklore, eagle-eyed mothers stopped their sons from marrying girls with long second toes as this meant that they were excessively bossy.

However, having a smaller second toes does not make you a pushover. It simply means that you are a happy person who values harmony and you never push your way through situations.

Is Your Second toe Longer Than The Others

The third toe is related to energy, will, and drive. If your third toe is longer than the others, you are an energetic and resourceful person, especially at the work place. Moreover, you will lead a successful career. Additionally, you are a perfectionist and you can achieve a lot in your life due to your energy and determination. However, sometimes, as you tend to let work take over, you forget about fun, love, and family. On the other hand, if this toe is shorter than the others, you want to enjoy all pleasures in life. You love to relax and you don’t get stressed about anything. Some people find you lazy at times, but you only hold that life is short and we need to enjoy it as much as we can.

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