Kitchen Hacks That Will Cut Prep Time In Half! (VIDEO)

Although we sometimes wish to get the final product immediately, preparation of meals is very important. The end product is not merely the summation of its ingredients. For example, a cake is a tasty combination of eggs, butter, flour, etc. but when taken separately, the ingredients do not offer much. However, whether it is chopping vegetables or peeling off their skin, the end results is worth the effort, but these procedures require time. However, there are people who came up with ways how to cut preparation time in half, thus saving time and allowing you to focus on other things as well.

Removal of egg shells

Peeling eggs is sometimes a tiring process, but there are ways to speed it up. You just put the egg in a glass jar and add ¼ of water, and shake the jar. The egg shell will peel away on its own because of its bouncing against the jar sides. The water in the jar will remove even the smallest pieces of shell. After the egg is out of the jar, if there is any shell left, it will come off right away.

Peeling garlic

Put a whole garlic bulb in a small or medium sized jar. Shake the jar and you will see how the outside peels fall off. After the job is done, pour out the cloves. You will see that the peel has separated. Then put the cloves back into the jar and do the same procedure. Doing this will enable the removal of each clove’s peel. In this way you save up time and avoid the mess caused by peeling them off manually.

Peeling kiwi

Since it is a very soft fruit, kiwi is not so easy to peel. However, there is a trick. Just cut the kiwi in half. Take one half in your hand and press a glass into the corner of the kiwi all the way up until the peel is removed. Once you are at the top, the fruit will fall into the glass. Repeat the same procedure with the other half of the kiwi.

Cutting a banana

This can be a demanding task. After a banana is out of its peel, it can be easily smashed and therefore it is difficult to properly cut into pieces. One solution is to leave the peel and cut it in this way, but then you will need to remove the peel from each piece separately which is a time consuming process. A better solution is to use a sewing needle or a pin. Stick it in the banana and rock it back and forth into the direction you would cut it, and repeat the same procedure from the top to the bottom of the banana. After you have finished and you have removed the peel, the inside will be cut into pieces.

Cutting a bell pepper

Slice the bottom and top part of the pepper. Then make a cut down the pepper’s side so that it can fold into one long strip. In this way you can easily cut off the core and the seeds. Now you can proceed cutting the large piece of pepper into tiny slices.

Peeling potatoes

Peeling potatoes with a peeler can sometimes be problematic since it takes up a lot of time and you are also at a risk of cutting yourself.  Just take the potato and score it around the width, around half way, with a knife. Then put the potatoes in boiling water. After they have boiled, remove them carefully since they are hot. Just slightly pull the left and right side of the peels and they will come out immediately.


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