More Dangerous Than Sugar: These Are the Side Effects of The Excessive Use of Honey

More Dangerous Than Sugar: These Are the Side Effects of The Excessive Use of Honey
Honey is generally utilized as a sweetener, that is used for a centuries. But, do you know if it is good for you? The most common opinion is that honey is healthy, but is it like that for real? The shortest answer would be that it contains 55% of fructose and is a bit more useful for our body than the sugar. This is why:

More Dangerous Than Sugar These Are the Side Effects of The Excessive Use of Honey

1. Honey is all sugar
Honey contains at about 55% of fructose, and the fruit sugar is processed in the liver. So, according to the chemical differences, our body reacts to honey the same as to the refined sugar. When you consume an excessive amount of products that contain fructose, you can become fatter, can have heart problems or liver diseases. Some other research showed that fructose throws out the minerals from our body. Putting one tablespoon of honey in cereals is not something better, than if you put one tablespoon of white sugar. Honey has lower level of chemical glycol which results in slower absorption in our body. When we thing of a honey we imagine meadow and bees… The white sugar is related to factories and unhealthy food.

Honey is high in calories
It contains a lot of calories. It is proved that one tablespoon of honey contains 16 calories. Many people, who have substituted the sugar with honey, think that honey is superior and less caloric than the sugar. The problem is that when we think that something is healthy and does not cause increasing in weight, we consume it more.

Honey is not healthy for our teeth
One study showed that the brown sugar made of dried fruit or honey can cause cavity just like the plain sugar. Consuming honey can cause erode of the tooth enamel and can be the reason to the creation of dental cavity.

Honey and your skin
The carbohydrates that honey contains can cause collagen damage, just like the plain sugar.

After everything you have found out about honey, what is your conclusion?

You should not quit consuming honey, but you should not exaggerate. No matter of the beneficial effects of the honey, we have to know that it is caloric and can cause cavity or heart disease. You always have to consume homemade honey.

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