These Natural Remedies Will Improve Your Hearing!

Hearing loss is a very common problem among people that affects the quality of life for the patient, family members, and caretakers. Unfortunately, hearing loss is often undiagnosed and untreated. The inevitable deterioration in hearing ability that occurs with age –also known as presbycusis — has many causes and can vary in severity from mild to substantial. Left untreated, hearing loss of a moderate or greater degree affects communication and can contribute to isolation, depression, and, possibly, loss in cognitive decline.

Fortunately, there are some nutritional treatment or prevention options to review.

Honey and cinnamon

To improve hearing, take a mixture made of equal parts of honey and cinnamon every morning and before sleep.

Red wine and green tea

These ingredients are not only good for the heart, mood, immunity, but recent studies have showed that red wine may also prevent hearing loss. The antioxidants of red wine protect the hairs in the inner ear, whose function is to protect the ear against external influences. Green tea has the same effect.

Drops of garlic

In Sicily garlic is considered as a cure for many diseases. To improve hearing follow this recipe:

  • Shortly poach a few cloves of garlic in olive oil.
  • Press each clove nicely to squeeze the juice out of it. Then strain the oil through thick gauze.
  • Pour 3 – 4 drops of the oil in your ear, and then close it with a piece of cotton.

Juice, red onion, and garlic

This strong drink is thought to restore hearing. The beverage is prepared from 30 ml of garlic juice and 30 ml of red onion juice. Drink it once a day.


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