How to Detect Negative Energies in Your Home with the Help of a Glass of Water

Believe it or not, the presence of bad energy in your household isn’t something fictive. In fact, it’s a real thing. Negative energy is when odd things begin to happen in your home, like quarrels, money problems, unhappiness, tension, etc. This means that the presence of negative energy is higher than that of positive.

How to reduce the amount of negative energy?

Often times, envious people tend to draw negative energy into your home and make things go sideways. This doesn’t always mean that they’re jealous of your wealth, money, etc. they may be jealous of your happiness. In order to put an end to negative vibes, take a look at the video below and always bear in mind that positivity attracts positivity. That is, the more positive your thoughts are the more positive energy you will bring into your home. Here’s the video:

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