Believe it or Not, the Use of Frozen Lemons Can Help You Treat Diabetes, Obesity, and Tumors!

Without doubt, lemons are definitely a super food. Besides the flavor which they give to other meals, they also have a lot of health benefits. Namely, the flavonoids which they contain have antioxidants. This is why lemons are used in all kinds of natural remedies for different conditions and diseases.

Lemon juice is considered to be the most beneficial part of lemons. However, frozen lemons are an even healthier way to consume them and treat different health problems. Their rind has the power to strengthen the immunity, lower the bad cholesterol, and prevent cancer. Lemon rind possesses potent anti-microbial effects and they can prevent fungal and bacterial infections. They are of great use in the removal of parasites and worms as well.

And, lemons are crucial part of detoxification recipes. According to experts, lemon can prevent cancer, lower the risk of stroke, treat inflammation, prevent asthma symptoms, destroy dangerous bacteria, prevent and treat depression and stress, and cleanse the liver and kidneys. Moreover, lemons have a high amount of vitamin C, an important vitamin.

Lemon rind is often used in treatment of cancer patients due to its ability to remove toxic waste from the body. According to newest studies, lemons can destroy abnormal cancer cells. Since the 70s and more than 20 lab tests, it has been proven that frozen lemons destroyed the malignant cells in 12 types of cancer including colon, lung, pancreas, breast, and prostate. More importantly, they leave out the healthy cells, unlike chemo, which is known to destroy both the unhealthy and healthy cells.

The rind of lemon has 5 to 10 more vitamins than lemon juice. According to Dr. Marilyn Glenville, a nutritionist and expert on women’s health, most of the antioxidants in lemon are included in the peel or pith, rather than in the pulp. She also added that a smoothie is far more beneficial than a juice since in this way you consume the whole fruit and benefit from all the nutrients.

However, a lot of people dislike citrus fruits because of their bitter taste. But, the following recipe will help you consume lemons without feeling the bitterness. Let’s take a look:

Frozen lemons

First, let the lemons soak for a couple of minutes in a mixture of ACV and baking soda. Then, rinse them with water and pat them dry. Put them in the freezer and leave them overnight. In the morning, grate them and then put the grated lemons into ice cube trays and put the trays in the fridge.

Use: Use them whenever you need a hint of lemon. Add to everything you like, that is, to salads, soups, yogurt, pasta sauces, ice cream, etc. The choice is yours. You can also combine them with smoothies, juices, or tea. Also, it goes great with baked goods.

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