9 Types of Pain That Are Directly Linked to Emotional States

Very often, Western medicine puts aside the connection between the body, spirit, and emotions. But, if we all start to pay a bit more attention to what our body is trying to tell us, according to holistic medicine, we will be able to detect, understand, and treat problems with ease. In order to do this, we need to know what is connected to what. Let’s take a look:

Knee pain

Very often, pain in the knee may be a sign of a person who thinks too highly of themselves and a person who has a big ego. In order to stop the pain, you should learn how to be more humble and spend more time helping others in need or volunteering.

Pain in the hips

If you experience pain in the hips, it may be associated with a fear of moving on and change, as well as a sign of overthinking decisions.

Pain in the hands

This may be a sign of not reaching out to others enough; therefore, try to make significant bonds with people, spend more time with friends, and socialize more.

Pain in the elbows

You might be too resistant and stiff in life; a good change would be to learn to compromise and do something new in your life to shake things up.

Pain in the lower back

A sign that you may be too concerned about money; therefore, in order to stop the pain, make a good plan that will enable you to resolve any financial difficulties and to be more financially stable.

Pain in the upper back

Often, when a person feels pain in the upper back, he/she may lack emotional support and he/she may feel unwanted and unloved. If you’re single, it’s time to go out on a date, right?

Pain in the shoulders

You are probably carrying a heavy emotional burden that you need to put aside as soon as possible and not drag it with you until the rest of your life.

Pain in the neck

You have a problem forgiving yourself and others; however, in order to stop the pain, you need to find ways to forgive yourself and others.

Pain in the head

Headaches are a common indicator of a person who is under a lot of stress. Find adequate ways to relax and reduce the stress to a minimum.

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