Position of The Acne on Your Body Shows of Which Disease You Suffer

The location of acne on your body or face can say a lot about your health, particularly for your system or body. You can read the signs simple, by imagining the body as a map and the defects like landscape. Different areas of the body are related to different issues.

The following is a list of the diseases suggested by acne by their position on the body and face:


Area 1: Hormones

Area 1 is for your chin and neck. If you have acne on the chin and neck, it means that you have a problem with the adrenal gland. Other causes can be the stress and an excessive sugar intake.

Area 2 & 3: High Stress Levels

Your area 2 is your shoulder area. If you have acne in this area, it may mean that you are under a lot of stress and your immunity is reduced. You need to relax, breathe in and enjoy life more.

Area 4: Your Stomach

Your area 4 is your chest area. Acne on the chest usually indicate digestive issues caused by eating too much junk food or that you are suffering from bad digestion. Try eating organic food more often.

Area 5 & 6: Vitamin Insufficiency

If you have acne in this area, you are probably suffering from vitamin insufficiency. Instead of taking artificial vitamin supplements, you should try adding more fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Area 7: Your Blood Sugar

When acne will occur in the stomach, that is usually because of the high levels of blood sugar. Avoid eating too much refined sugar and bread, and opt for fruit and veggies instead.

Area 8: Personal Hygiene or STDs

Acne in this area may be caused by poor hygiene. But if you have acne and itching that can be a sign of sexually transmitted disease. You must go to a doctor.

Area 9 & 10: Allergies or Dermal Problems

Acne on the hips and upper legs indicate an allergy to cosmetics or detergents. Acne on the lower legs appear, because of shaving or waxing, so be careful with the razor or the products you use.

Area 11 & 12: Your Digestion or Your Nervous System

Your area 11 & 12 are your upper back and back. If you have acne in this area, it can mean that your diet is rich in high-calorie foods or not getting enough sleep.

Area 13 & 12: Your Digestion

Acne on this area of the body is again a sign of problems with the digestive system or the consumption of unhealthy foods. Change diet and acne will disappear.

Your skin is the mirror of your health. Look at your body, because it can tell you a lot about your health.

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