Powerful Exercises to Get Rid of Bra Fat

When you put on your bra, are you horrified to wear a fitted shirt over it? Do you loathe the idea of putting on a bathing suit top because of the bulge that appears on your back?

Exercises to Get Rid of Bra Fat

Bra bulge, the fat that pours out above and below your bra straps, is something that many women experience and completely dread; in fact, it can make women so self conscious that they insist on wearing loose-fitting clothing in order to hide that unsightly back fat.

The Cause of Bra Bulge

Why does bra bulge happen? It’s a result of the weak muscles in your back. When the muscles in your back aren’t tight and defined, the skin around them becomes loose, and as a result, that dreaded back fat pours out of your bra, your bathing suit top or anything else that fits snuggly across that part of your back. Even if you are your ideal weight, you can still experience bra bulge.

How to Combat Bra Bulge

Source of the video: Natalie Jill Fitness

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