Reason Why You Should Never Keep Your Eggs In The Refrigerator – Something You Need to Know

Many people eat eggs for breakfast. Eggs are the most consumed meal for breakfast, because they are very easy to prepare. Not only are eggs easy to prepare, but they are also highly nutritious and healthy. You will need 2-3 or more eggs for breakfast, in order to keep you full. You need to keep them in the refrigerator or in a room temperature, to keep the egg’s healthiness.

There is a debate that has been discussed in some forums about the need for keeping the eggs in the refrigerator.

Not all the people keep the eggs in the refrigerator, but people who live in some countries like Japan, Australia, North America kept the eggs in the refrigerators.

However,  people  who keep the eggs out of the refrigerators, are at risk to get the bacteria called salmonella.

As the Journal of Food Protection has published, in vitro insertion of salmonella in eggs is more successful with eggs kept at room temperature.

But, according to the National Public Radio, eggs should not be refrigerated. In Europe, most chickens are being vaccinated with anti-salmonella. In the United States there are different ways of protection against salmonella, for example, inspections, washing, an tracking the eggs from the supplier to the store.

According to Marianne Gravely, a technical information specialist at the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, you should not leave the eggs at a room temperature for more than two hours.
She also added that it is impossible to see if the chicken is infected with salmonella or not, so any egg can contain salmonella. Food poisoning bacteria do not affect the taste, smell, or appearance of a food.

Reason Why You Should Never Keep Your Eggs In The Refrigerator

You should be completely aware of the food you consume and the way you consume it. That is the best way to protect yourself from food poisoning bacteria.


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