Red Wine: Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

According to some new researches red wine is the best way to lose weight. The red wine has got long and rich history, it was used in the medicine since the time of Hippocrates, which proves the positive influence of the wine. A research made in 1993 proved that this kind of wine consists of polyphenols ( resveratrol and procianidi) that have a role of antioxidants and inhibit the oxidation of the “bad” cholesterol.

Red Wine Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

These researches do not only show the positive influence, but also the negative influence.

The positive influence:

1. It helps to combust calories

A recent study from Washington State University shows that the ingredients of the red wine have the ability to combust calories. It has been proved that if you drink one glass of red wine, it can make your body to combust calories for 90 minutes.

2. It prevents cancer

Experts believe that the red wine may also help to prevent cancer. That is because of the antioxidants or phytoestogens that have strong anti- cancer properties. Resveratrol plays the potential role in cancer prevention.

3. To keep bed bugs away

It is known that these bugs may survive on human blood. According to recent study bed bugs need blood meal to grow. But if the concentration of alcohol in your blood is high, then the bugs eat less.

4. Better memory

Doctors explain that one glass of red wine can prevent blood clots and reduces the inflammation of blood vessels. It is proved that if older people drink a glass of red one a day, they will remember more than others.

5. It strengthens the bones

It is believed that people who are regular consumers of red wine have have greater bone mass than those who do not consume at all. Consuming glass of red wine increases the level of estrogen which is a hormone that slows the damaging of the bones.

6. It is good for anemia

This kind of illness can be prevented by drinking red wine, but in limited quantities. When making a comparison to the white wine, the red one has a stronger effect on lowering the cholesterol and on the treat of cardiovascular diseases.

The negative influence:

Consuming red wine could also cause negative effect.

1. Muscle effects

If you have taken higher doses of alcohol, red wine can have the opposite effect. Researchers say: “We analyzed if resveratrol was able to promote the repair of muscle and reduce oxidative stress where free radicals – destructive molecules – speed up the ageing process.”

2. Reason for becoming an alcoholic

Unlimited drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the organs and can lead to high blood pressure, liver damage, brain damage and many other serious effects. This unlimited consuming of alcohol can lead to alcoholism.

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