They Said Apple Cider Vinegar Is Great For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You

Natural and uninstalled apple cider vinegar is a mighty healing and cleansing elixir. It is a naturally occurring antibiotic, as well as antiseptic which fights germs and bacteria.

They Said Apple Cider Vinegar Is Great For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You

These are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar:

  • Arthritis – If it is combined with honey ,it can be utilized for treating arthritis. You can apply it externally for treating joint pain. Make a mixture of 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp. of honey in one glass of water and drink this remedy three times every day. The affected place can be soaked in a solution of ACV for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day (1/4 cup of ACV and ½ cup of water). You can treat arthritic knees by making a poultice. It can be made by soaking a cloth in a mixture of ACV and water and then wrap the place, securing it with a dry cloth to retain the heat. When the wet cloth cools down, wring it out in the hot solution and apply a fresh one. Make sure you repeat this healing process 2 times, every day.
  • Eczema – You should take the usual dosage of ACV and honey with water and consume it 3 times a day with your meals. You can apply diluted ACV to the skin for a couple of times a day (1 tsp to a half cup of water).
  • Asthma You can relieve asthma by adding 1 tbsp. of ACV in a glass of water and sip it for half an hour. You should repeat the treatment after another half hour. If the wheezing still persists then you can take a second glass. You should practice some breathing exercises, they can be also very useful and beneficial treatment.
  • Blood loss –You should mix 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this mixture 3 times per day. It will help restore the natural clotting properties of the blood.
  • Colitis – You have to make a mixture of 2 tsp of ACV and honey in water 3 times per day. An enema of a tsp or more of molasses can also help.
  • Tired and sore eyes –You can treat tired and sore eyes by taking 2 tsp of both ACV and honey. They  should be put in a glass of water, 3 times per day.
  • Fatigue – when chronic fatigue appears then it is a sign that the body needs attention. Some people who are affected by this condition do not sleep enough. In order to improve your sleep, you can consume honey because it acts like a sedative to the body. After you take it, 20 minutes will be enough for it to be digested and absorbed in the body. This is what you have to do: make a mixture of 3 tsp of ACV in a cup of honey and keep it by your bedside. Take the mixture before you go to bed. You will fall asleep in less than one hour. If you do not fall asleep, then repeat the procedure.
  • Hemorrhages –If a person drinks ACV regularly and cut himself, then the wound will dry up almost immediately. But, if your wounds do not heal fast, then you should take 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed in 1 glass of water. 6 glasses would be enough for the whole day. You can apply a very weak solution of ACV and water over the wound and the cut.
  • High blood pressure –Make a mixture of 2 tsp of ACV and honey in a glass of water and consume this 3-4 times a day.
  • Headaches – Honey can aid in easing the pain from headaches. You can prevent this by taking 2 tsp of it at each meal. You can also take ACV in equal parts with water, placing it into a small basin on a stove and let it boil slowly. When the fume starts to rise, place your head over it and inhale 50-80 breaths. It will alleviate the pain considerably, if not entirely.
  • Varicose veins – You should apply undiluted ACV to the affected area in the mornings and in the evenings, in order to cure varicose veins. Massage well towards the heart. Take ACV and honey 3 times a day (2 tsp each in a glass of water).
  • Coughs – In order to prevent coughs, you should take 2 tsp of ACV and 2 of honey that are mixed in a glass of water. This should be taken before meals, or when the irritation occurs.
  • Nervousness – Drink a glassful of water combined with 2 tsp each of ACV and honey, 3 times per day.
  • Stuffy nose – ACV can be utilized as an inhalant. This method is the same like the one for headaches.
  • Nail issues – Your nails will be stronger and healthier by using cider vinegar. Each white spot on the nail will be eliminated. Take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 3 times a day.
  • Menstruation – In order to normalize profuse bleeding, you have to take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 3 times a day.
  • Hair loss – ACV makes an efficient natural remedy against hair loss. You have to take 1 tsp of ACV in a glass of water between the meals. You can use the vinegar externally for treating dandruff. This treatment will last take two months.
  • Kidneys and bladder – Take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 6 times a day. Drink a couple of glasses of water in the mornings with 1 tsp of ACV in each drink. Additionally, you can also consume comfrey tea in the morning with a tsp of ACV for sufficient cleansing action.
  • Food poisoning – Individuals who regularly consume ACV will never suffer any reactions from food poisoning because of the vinegar’s antiseptic quality that seems to render noxious food harmless.
  • Ear discharge –1 tsp of ACV should be put into a glass of water. It has to be consumed mid morning and mid afternoon. The problem will disappear shortly.
  • Dizziness – take 2 tsp of ACV along with 2 tsp of honey in a glass of hot water 3 times per day. You should not expect instant results as nature works slowly, but effectively.


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