Say Goodbye to Bad Breath, Plaque, and Tartar and Destroy Bad Bacteria in Your Mouth with This Ingredient!

According to Ayurvedic medicine, kavala or oil pulling is an ancient dental technique which includes the swishing of a vegetable oil in the mouth. It is believed that this practice eliminates toxins from the organism and betters the oral health, but the overall as well.

Another benefit, besides the detoxification of the teeth and gums, is the whitening of the teeth. Additionally, this technique is highly recommendable for asthma, headaches, skin problems, arthritis, infections, hormonal imbalance, etc.


Put one to two tsp of some natural oil of your choosing and swish it in the oral cavity for 20 minutes. Next, spit the oil, rinse the mouth with water, and then wash the teeth as usually.

Do this in the morning after waking up, before eating or drinking anything, or at night before going to bed. For optimal results, repeat the procedure daily until you notice improvement.

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