Attention: If You See This on Your Nails, Consult Your Doctor Right Away!

A lot of people have white dots on their nails which is usually a result of air bubbles located under the nails. Medically known as leukonychia, these dots can be a consequence of smaller injuries of the nail’s base or they can be hereditary. However, sometimes, they may indicate serious health issues.

Often times, these dots are a symptom of fungus and warts or sarcoidosis, an inflammatory illness which develops in the lungs, skin, and other organs. Soft nails with white dots may be associated with thyroid gland disorders. An early symptom may be a white line at the bottom of the nail.

If you have two horizontal lines across the nail’s surface, this may be a symptom of leprosy, malaria, cardiac arrest, and Hodgkin’s disease. Moreover, two horizontal narrow strips on one or several nails may be a sign of hypoalbuminemia, a health condition which may lead to kidney disease, cirrhosis, and heart failure.

In order to 100% certain that you don’t  suffer from a more serious health problem, consult your physician whenever you notice changes in your nails.

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