Spoon Massage: Incredible Effects Only In 12 Days With No Cost! (VIDEO)

As women turn 30, facial massages should become their daily routine since the skin elasticity begins to gradually weaken at this age and the subcutaneous tissue strengthens. Hence, if you want to maintain a youthful look and beauty, practice the spoon massage, highly recommended by the German physician cosmetologist, Rene Koch.

The benefits of spoon massage

This type of massage is very simple, but it can help you achieve great results in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, this massage releases surplus fluid, betters the blood circulation, tightens the skin, and makes it more elastic by decreasing the visibility of wrinkles.

This massage will cost you nothing and in 10 to 12 days you will achieve amazing results if you practice it on a daily basis.



A teaspoon

A cup of cold water

Several ice cubes

Smaller bowl with warm oil (olive, sunflower, linseed)


Clean your face and then apply hydrating cream. Meanwhile, disinfect the spoons with alcohol and then put them in a glass of water together with the ice cubes. Afterwards, put the cooled tbsp onto the upper lids of the eyes and hold it for couple of seconds. Repeat the same procedure five times.

Replace the warm tbsp with cold ones and the same procedure goes for the lower lids as well. This will allow you to lower the swelling of the eyelids and eye bags. When you are done, you should leave the spoons for a bit in the heated oil and begin the facial massage.

Gently, press the spoons and massage your facial lines. The basic facial lines are at the forefront of the upper part of the nose to the hairline and temples, on the eyelids in a circular movement from the inner corner and back again, on the cheeks and the nose from the nostrils to the temples, from the chin to the temples, and from the neck’s inception to the chin.

Each movement needs to be repeated 10 times and every time you notice the teaspoon gliding with difficulty, add some more oil. At the end, rinse your face with warm water.

The massage should last for 10 minutes and you need to increase the duration daily. That is, begin with 1 to 2 minutes and then add a minute daily. On the tenth day, the massage should last 10 minutes.

After the first day of the facial massage, you will notice the result-total relaxation. All in all, this massage is very simple and comfortable and it will help you rejuvenate your facial skin completely. It can be done whenever you want, but do it in series of 10 to 12 days without pause.

Take a look at the video below in which the Russian doctor cosmetologist Angelica Shandra explains the procedure for beginners:

Source: http://www.explicitgists.com/2015/12/spoon-massage-incredible-effects-only-in-12-days-with-no-cost-video/5/

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