That Weird, White String Inside Your Raw Egg Is Actually a Good Thing. Here’s What It Means…

Eggs are an important part of many diets around the globe. Eggs are high in proteins. According to many experts, proteins are a better choice for breakfast than processed cereals full of sugars. And it is the best way to get your weight under control. And opposite to popular belief, eggs do not cause heart disease.
If you consume eggs frequently then maybe you come across the following oddity.


The Chalaza…

You have probably cracked an egg and wondered what in the world is that gooey string inside? It looks disgusting!
It is called the chalaza (pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh). And it’s safe for eating.

Despite of the fact that it looks weird, that is not the umbilical cord. This image will better explain what it is.

The chalazae (plural), keep the egg yolk in place and can be found on both sides of the yolk. And the fun part is that the more prominent  the chalazae are, the fresher the eggs are.

The truth is that these little strings disappear as the egg matures. If there is no chalaza in your egg it is probably not as fresh. It means that the egg has been the egg has been sitting in the store or in your refrigerator for a long time. So next time you crack an egg know what you should look for!


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