The Amazing Effects of The Lemon

The juicy, tasty and soar lemon is the most widely used in the world. Lemon is the smallest fruit and it contains many more nutrients benefiting health. This fruit has a low caloric value. Here are the benefits of using this small fruit:


1. Improve the immune system
Lemons are rich in vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C is excellent in the fight against colds, while potassium stimulates the brain function and the nerves, and it also helps in controlling the blood pressure.

2. Balance your pH value
Lemons are known to be highly alkaline foods. They contain acid, but in our body it acts alkaline. The acid of the lemons do not create acidity in the body. Alkaline body is crucial for good health.

3. Can help in losing weight
Lemons are full with pectic fiber, which help in reducing cramping caused by hunger. A cup of hot water combined with lemon and a little salt can help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol. The diet based on lemon is ideal for cleaning your body of toxins. Consuming lemons you can get plenty of vitamins: C, B and rare vitamin P.

4. Act as natural diuretic
Lemon juice helps in the ejection of the unnecessary substances stimulating often urinate. On this way the toxins are thrown from the organism, and keep the urinary tract health.

5. Refresh the breath
The antiseptic properties destroy the bad bacteria in the mouth. One cup of water with lemon is healthier than a cup of coffee. Most health experts claim that water with lemon is best for drinking when it is at room temperature.

6. Detoxification of the liver
The combination of water with lemon acts as a cleaner liver. It cleans, stimulates the liver and stimulates production of acid digestion. It can also help in the control of the excess gall- bladder, to reduce the production of mucus in the body and also to help in dissolving the gallstone.

But, did you know about the other miracles of the lemon?

It can be used for cleaning stains and whitening clothes
Apart from the other benefits of the lemon, its juice can be used for natural whitening of the fabric. You just have to add a quarter or a half cup of lemon juice in the washing machine in the area of the washing powder and you will be satisfied with the result.

It can be used in the household
The lemon peel has antibacterial properties, and it is ideal for cleaning kitchen surfaces. It is used for cleaning the kitchen boards. They should be sprinkled with hot water, and then to rub in the surface with grated lemon peel mixed with lemon juice.

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