The Menu of Jason Statham Will Shock You: He Ate This for 18 Years to Keep his Abs!

Jason Statham, the famous actor, who is to celebrate his 50th birthday next year, still has one of the most amazing male bodies on the planet. One of the main reasons behind his sculpted muscles is his interest in sports which he has since he was a child.

Namely, he played football and was also part of the British National Swimming Stature for 12 years. Hence, he also became a member of an agency which took him into the world of modeling.

Jason practiced kung fu, karate, and boxing and follows a strict diet and training. Moreover, he stated that 95% of the food he consumes is healthy food and only 5% are foods he eats from time to time. Additionally, he said that it is crucial to avoid sugar and starch in the afternoon period as these calories are much harder to burn then. A better option is to consume them in the morning so that they can be burned throughout the day.

Furthermore, in an interview, Jason revealed that he consumed muesli, fresh fruits, and oatmeal or poached eggs for breakfast, whereas his meals for lunch are strictly controlled. He added that although he isn’t vegan, there is a vegan restaurant he loves going to where they have great steamed veggies and brown rice.

He is certain that when such foods enter the body, we feel much better. Moreover, according to Jason, you mustn’t eat after 7pm and that the food needs to be rich in protein like chicken, fish and beef, veggies, and different salads. Also, he added that consumption of at least three liters of water per day and a lot of fruit juices is pivotal for a good health.

It is rather impressive that the actor has been able to follow such a diet his entire life and maintain his sculpted muscles. Regarding exercise, he believes that there is a special set of exercises which are important for proper work of the muscles. He mentioned that it is crucial to write down your results as you progress which will serve as a form of motivation.



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