How to Thicken and Regrow Hair Naturally

Hair loss can happen as a result of many problems. Factors can range from hormonal imbalance to stress. Knowing the reason behind your hair loss is crucial for fighting the issue. Hair loss is a serious problem as it has a negative effect on people’s self esteem by making them feel insecure and unconfident.

A doctor can screen your body in order to find reasons why you are losing hair and they can help you choose the most appropriate solution. However, some of these treatment solutions are expensive and not everyone is able to afford them.

Therefore, always consult a professional in order to find the reasons for your hair loss, but when it comes to choosing a solution, there are also more natural and easily affordable hair growth options.

What’s more, most of the time, the expensive treatments don’t give the promised effects. On the other hand, there is a concoction which has been proven to stimulate hair growth successfully. The active ingredient of this concoction is guava leaves.

They are rich in vitamin B which is crucial for a healthy and growing hair. It’s amazing because the effects are visible within a month. Guava leaves can be purchased at almost every healthy food store and some general grocery stores.


First, you need to boil 1 liter of water with a handful of guava leaves (approximately 2 cups). Leave the mixture to simmer for twenty minutes and then let it cool down.

Afterwards, rub the mixture into your hair and leave it to react for several hours. For optimal results, massage the content into your hair and leave it overnight. If you choose this option, make sure to put a shower cap so that you don’t ruin the sheets and pillows.

At the end, rinse your hair with regular shampoo.


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