This Is How to Activate Your FAT Burning Hormones & Melt Fat Like Butter!

If you stop consuming all those foods high in sugar, sweet fruits (mostly juice), snacking, starchy veggies and a half of the carbs, especially rice and grains, and then exercise with some lighter weights for thirty minutes every day, your body will burn fat for energy and build new muscles from the proteins  for the next twelve to forty eight hours after the workout. In this article, we will present you simple, but effective steps to activate your fat burning hormones.

Here are 3 very effective steps for the fat burning process:

Step 1: Stop with the consummation of all sugars

– No more starchy vegetables.
– You should not consume fruit juices at all. Consume only fruits that do not contain lots of sugar, as apples.
– No more sweets at all (only some products with stevia and honey are allowed)
– No cookies, candies, alcohol, processed food with sugar, or cereals. No sugar at all!

Maybe this looks like a harsh regime for you, but in a case the body has carbs, it will utilize the energy and calories from this particular source and will not burn any existing fat reserves.

Step 2: Consume a lot of beans and vegetables

– Have some greens for your breakfast (steamed or fried is fine, even juiced is fine).
– For lunch and dinner you should have some salad.
– Try not to consume all animal proteins and replace them with legumes.
– You should use coconut oil instead of butter, and instead of sunflower oil use the olive one.
– Slowly reduce carbohydrates, such as rice and the other whole grain to a half serving.

Step 3: Stick to the eating schedule and eat lesser

– Never eat after 7pm, not even fruit.
– Between the meals you should drink only lemon water or herbal tea.
– Eat 3 smaller meals during the day or 2 meals.
Try to stick to this eating schedule for one month.

Step 4: Add light weight training or juice fasting

– Firstly, you should start doing exercises, running, walking or biking for 10 minutes. After that, every next day, add plus 5 minutes.
– A juice fast will further “force” the body to lose weight.
– If you cannot do exercises every day, you should do the juice fast and consume only two meals per day.

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