This Is the Dirtiest Body Part! Here is How to Clean It from Germs and Bacteria to Prevent Diseases

Showering is a very important part of the personal hygiene. Throughout the day we carry many microorganisms on our clothes, hair and skin which can be dangerous for our health.


Besides washing your hair and taking a shower, there is a part of your body that is considered to be the filthiest and keeps dirt even after showering.

This body part we are speaking of is the navel. It is the most inaccessible body part, which makes it a real source of bacteria.

The navel is indrawn and because of its shape, clothes fibers, sweat, dead skin cells, lotion and soap are easily collected in it. This composition is a perfect place for developing microorganisms, so if you don’t wash your navel regularly and thoroughly, it can cause odor and health problems too, including infections.

Studies prove that an indrawn navel can collect up to 67 different types of bacteria, despite showering regularly. If you want to keep this body part thoroughly clean, there is a simple trick using a cotton swab.

How to wash your navel properly?

Indrawn navel:

Before taking a shower, soak the cotton swab in a rubbing alcohol and clean your navel carefully with it.

During showering, on a different cotton swab apply some showering gel and clean your navel thoroughly, just like with the rubbing alcohol.

Then, wash your navel with warm water and dry it well using a cotton towel.

Protruding navel:

Wet one end of a cotton towel and apply showering gel on it.

Clean your navel with it and then rinse with lukewarm water. Dry with towel.

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