Use This Ginger Body Wrap And One Easy Exercise to Make You Look Good Naked

Ginger contains lots of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Those properties help the body flush away the toxins and jump start fat burning activity when ginger is applied topically. You can make an easy ginger compress at home in just minutes utilizing freshly grated ginger. If you cannot find fresh ginger, ginger in powder is an excellent substitute. The heat activity of the ginger compress is beneficial for the stimulation of tissue circulation and can help dissolve fat that has accumulated in areas of the body.

Use This Ginger Body Wrap And One Easy Exercise

Compress is cloth, usually soaked in tea and applied on your body. To make a ginger compress first you need to fill a large pot with water to boil and then to add some fresh grated ginger. When the water reaches a boil, reduce the heat and put the grated ginger into a square of cotton cloth or a large square of sterile gauze. You ought to tie the ginger with a string to form a teabag. Soak the ginger teabag in the hot water, not quite boiling, for five minutes.

Apply ginger compress to the body

Soak a cloth with the ginger water and apply to the body. Firstly cool slightly before applying. Place another towel over the compress to help hold the heat in. You should change the cloth every few minutes as it cools off. Utilize at least two towels and alternate soaking one cloth while utilizing the other cloth on the body. Resoak the towel and repeat the process several times.

Ginger water should be utilized within two to three hours of preparation for maximum effectiveness. You can prepare a fresh solution of ginger water for each treatment. Use this method two to three times per week until you achieve your desired level of fat burning. You should stop this process if side effects occur.

In order to melt away stubborn areas of body fat, use a hot ginger compress. The ginger stimulates the body’s circulation and enhances overall energy flow. Fresh ginger works best. You should try adding ground cinnamon for additional warmth. You can also combine gentle massage with the ginger compress.


  • Never apply a ginger compress on a baby or very elderly person.
  • Never apply with a high fever present.
  • Never apply on the lower abdominal area of a pregnant woman

Effective fat burning naturally

In order to effectively rid the body of unwanted accumulated fat cells utilize this method of applying ginger compresses. Ginger is a powerful natural healer. It was first discovered in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago. Ginger is no longer considered to be exclusively for Asian dishes. It has crossed over into mainstream use. Ginger root can be found in almost all natural food stores and traditional grocery stores today. Pick up some ginger and start to transform your body and your health today.

Extra Tips: Combination of wrapping in plastic wrap and planking as a bodyweight exercise will help you to lose weight in a record time!

Planking as a Bodyweight Exercise

A variety of bodyweight exercises already exist, and the planking is one of them. It is first introduced through yoga, but then it has become an important part of many training programs. Planking affects core muscles, including pectoral and abdominal muscles, but also deltoids and quadriceps. Plank exercises use person’s own body weight, so no additional equipment is needed to perform it.

Benefits of Planking Exercise

The primary benefit of planking is increasing the tone and muscle mass of the affected muscles, primarily abdominal muscles (m. rectus abdominis, m. obliquus abdominis internus, and m. obliquus abdominis externus). These muscles sustain the front wall of the abdomen and create so much desired six-pack abs. This exercise is good for beginners, as well as for advanced users, because it can be easily performed and the duration can be gradually increased.

Planking is very good for improving posture and balance, and it has the effects similar to swimming – tightens the body and makes it more flexible.

How to Perform Planks The Right Way

There are several variations of plank exercise, but the most commonly used one is very simple to perform. First, put yourself in position for doing press up. Your upper body weight should rest on your forearms, and your upper arm should create the right angle with your torso. Rest your toes on the floor and elevate your body until it reaches a straight line from shoulders to feet. Keep in that position for as long as you can and repeat after several minutes. Each day you can increase the duration and number of repetitions.

Make sure you keep your body in a straight line all the time during the exercise. Bad position can be harmful to your spine and produce back pain.

Different Types of Planking Exercises

Plank Jacks are designed to affect your core, arms, and legs. Simultaneously, this exercise requires quite effort so it increases your heart rate and stimulates cardiovascular system. Get in the plank position keeping your body straight and feet close. Then start with jumping jacks and perform as fast as you can. The speed will depend on your current shape. Perform total of three sets with about 30 repetitions.

Plank Jacks

Two-point Plank is another variation and it is even more strenuous than plank jacks. Again, start from plank position and lift one leg and the opposite arm. Stay in this position for as long as you can, preferably 10 seconds and then do the same with the other leg. Perform two more series of this exercise.

Two-point Plank

Elbow Planks are performed by putting your elbows and hands on the floor in a parallel position while keeping body straight. Then get into plank position by moving your feet one by one. Do all this with your abs tightened and try to make at least half a minute if you are a beginner. In this variation, it is particularly important to keep your spine straight in order to avoid injuries.

Elbow Planks

These variations of planking exercises affect the same muscle groups but with different main muscle group, so you should combine them for optimal effect.

The great thing about plank exercise is that you can actually read or watch TV while doing it, so you never get bored. Simultaneously, you strengthen your body and lose calories.


Days 1 and 2: hold the plank for 20 seconds
Days 3and 4: hold the plank for 30 seconds
Day 5: 40 seconds
Day 6: rest day

Days 7 and 8: 45 seconds
Days 9 and 11: 60 seconds
Day 12: 90 seconds
Day 13: Rest day

Days 14 and 15: 90 seconds
Days 16 and 17: 120 seconds
Day 18: 150 seconds
Day 19: Rest day

Days 20 and 21: 150 seconds
Days 22and 23: 180 seconds
Days 24 and 25: 210 seconds
Day 26: Rest day

Days 27 and 28: 240 seconds
Day 29: 270 seconds
Day 30: 300 seconds

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