VIDEO: He Slices Fresh Tomatoes And Tosses It In Some Compost. What Happens Ten Days Later? Amazing!

Being a tomato lover, I look forward to “homegrown” in the summertime.  It is a simple satisfaction that makes salads tastier.  I have purchased tomato plants and grown them outside. But, I had no idea that I could grow them with greater ease and less expense, until I watched this great video below.

He Slices Fresh Tomatoes And Tosses It In Some Compost

Till now, this video has received over 460,000 views, and hundreds of comments, from people who just could not get over this technique and were thankful for this simple tip.

Cutting a tomato that turns out to be overripe and inedible is the worst thing.  It is not easy for me, when I have to throw one out, but now I know that it can be utilized to cultivate seedlings, that will mature into my very own tomato plants.  The process is so simple and easy.

You are going to need

  • A plastic plant pot
  • Some good rich potting soil,
  • Your overripe tomato cut into slices.

The man in the video will show you precisely what to do, and within ten to fourteen days about 50-60 seedlings will have sprouted.  Without much effort you will be picking your very own homegrown tomatoes before you realize it.

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