Watch What Happens To This Dead Eel When It’s Sprinkled With Salt

This post from Reddit user Sipping in demonstartes a skinned eel. When sprinkled with salt and placed on a barbecue in a restaurant it wiggles and writhes.

This seems to be the same situation as the “dancing frog legs” video a few years ago. Firstly, the muscles contract when they receive signals from motor neurons. These signs are produced and propagated by different ions, just like sodium. The sodium ions in the salt (i.e. sodium chloride) are the reason for the nerves to fire and as a result they make the muscles contract. This will be successful, if the meat has been freshly killed, because it still needs some live cells.

Additionally, there is a chance that the eel is squirming around as a reflex from the heat of the grill. But, when the eel’s head has been chopped off, it will not be experiencing pain.

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